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Techdirect focuses on providing you with a holistic set of technical solution for your networking needs. Be it technical design or implementation of new network or support for existing networking systems, And in our continuous bid to expand our inventory listing, we have partnered established networking brands all across the region to bring you the latest and newest technology.


We take pride in providing you with the best of breed networking products and solutions, right from the very start. Our innovative solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of today’s advancements. Whether you are starting your project from scratch or upgrading your current system, our solutions will always stay relevant to your needs.


Techdirect PaRTNERS

When it comes to supporting high-density wireless requirements, Xirrus has all the right tools you’d need. With Xirrus’s unique architectural components that are designed for scalable networks, switching to current wireless standards of 802.11ac is just a simple matter. Popular Wireless Arrays and Access Points include the XR-500, XR-600, XR-2000, XR-4000 and the XR-6000. As distributor for Xirrus products across the ASEAN region, Techdiect empowers you with the most powerful, scalable and flexible Wi-Fi solutions through these products.

With over 50,000 hotspot units around the world, the Nomadix Service Engine (MSE) has proven themselves to be a cost-effective, secure and user-friendly high-speed network solution for operators seeking to build a sustainable and profitable business model. The Nomadix NSE is highly recommended for hospitality, telecommunications, healthcare and education industries. Our inventory includes the AG2400 and AG5800. Both are next generation, high-performance Internet Access Gateways (AGs) that expand wired and Wi-Fi bandwidth reach to create public Internet access networks.

A10’s prized product – The Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®), serves as a high-performance, application-aware networking platform for all A10’s Application Service Gateway (ASG) products. The AX Series product line is well known for it’s accelerating and data security applications. In their bid to address the latest networking issues, the premium performance A10 Thunder™ Series product family that leverages the ACOS platform was launched.

Arista’s groundbreaking network operating system – the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), operates with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

Arista Networks has over two million cloud networking ports deployed globally. They have a portfolio of 1/10/40 and 100GbE products that redefine network architectures, bring extensibility to networking, and dramatically change the price and performance of data center networks.


Aerohive Networks is all about bringing your productivity, customer engagement levels, and business growth to newer, greater heights. As an innovative enterprise mobility company, Aerohive Networks strives to simplify your enterprise mobility with our very own cloud-managed, integrated mobility platrofm – one that utilizes cloud technology and wireless architectures to deliver a unified, intelligent and cost effective network that compliment your enterprise needs. The Aerohive platform is fully scalable, flexible and readily available to organizations regardless of their IT resources or size.

Improved network security, ease of network access and enhanced productivity and security through heightened visibility. These are what you’ll get with the InfoExpress CGX Solution. As a network security solutions provider, InfoExpress has helped hundreds of organizations, from mid-sized organizations to corporations, around the world, to secure their networks, data and client information. The InfoExpress CGX provides next generation device access, mobile deployment and endpoint monitoring through the use of network access control technology to enhance productivity while strengthening security.

As one of Forbes’s Top 50 Companies to look out for in 2014, SevOne has stood out as the only provider for infrastructure performance monitoring, uniquely engineered for speed at scale – with their patented peer-to-peer distributed architecture, the SevOne Cluster. Built on the foundations of Speed at Scale, SevOne Cluster prevents outages for large organizations and helps make decisions through real-time reporting, enabled by its ability to collect of millions of data packets per second, all thanks to SevOne’s unique leveraging on distributed computing to scale infinitely.

Be in full control of your projects as Riverbed empowers you to maximise business performance with complete visibility, intelligent optimization and simplified control for all your networking applications. Enjoy enterprise-wide insights to drive business efficiencies, reduce running cost of your business and boost productivity at every level, from cloud to your network, all with Riverbed software.

Empower your network systems with heightened network security while still enjoying ease of usage – all with ipswitch’s trademarked MOVEit product – enabled through encryption, usage tracking and file transfer logs. And to nullify the downtime of maintaining your network, WhatsUp Gold is another trademarked product that grants control, with a complete and reliable view across applications, servers and networks, regardless of whether it’s cloud based, virtual or physical. ipswitch products will help you reduce manual tasks while achieving greater control and performance level.