About Techdirect

As one of the leading global suppliers of networking solutions, Techdirect has successfully solved data centre challenges for all major industries.


Ever commitment to our cause, we are empowered by our global network, reliable and proven set of processes, highly proficient engineers, and process-driven support infrastructure.


With keen understanding of the needs of all our clients and vendors, we are often respected by them for our ability to formulate the most effective solutions.


Keeping service excellence in mind, we offer you services that are consistent in quality throughout the globe, along with assurances of desired outcomes.

Set to evolve how businesses purchase, maintain and upgrade IT networking equipment, Techdirect is one of the regional leaders in supplying enterprise data centre equipment, efficient solutions and value-added services.


Headquartered in Singapore, Techdirect reaches out to more than 50 countries globally, serving as a key solutions provider for enterprise hardware and services to major businesses.


We remain strong within the region, thanks to our notable competencies across our converging network that spans across the public, educational, technological and financial domains, all driven by our clear and objective approach to business.


Our Mission

Techdirect is all about connecting you with the right networking products to solve your connectivity needs.

Supported by our strong alliance with key system integrators, service providers and resellers around the Asia Pacific Region, we empower you with customisable, cost effective and optimal ICT solutions to forward your projects.

Our team of experienced ICT engineers are always ready to link up with you to walk you through your entire workflow.

Like you, we want to see your projects succeed. As a leading partner of networking solutions around the region, we know we can help you do just that.


Techdirect aspires to grow into one of Asia-Pacific’s leading and most reliable premium partner for ICT solutions. We will constantly evolve our holistic networking solutions to meet the ICT infrastructure needs of tomorrow.




When we talk about customer service, or partnerships, there’s only one thing we strive to achieve – excellence. Our unwavering effort for excellence can be seen by our effort to walk the extra mile for you and our and partners. This is how we obtain our reputation – through the trust of people we work for and work with.

We take the sustainability and preservation of our globe’s resource seriously. Every data-centre-equipment we prolong will bring about less wastage to resources. At certain point when products reach the end of their economical life, Techdirect offers environmentally sound services to either destroy or recycle the product.



Backed by a diverse range of global partners, Techdirect is able to offer a full spectrum of networking products, ranging from servers and switches to storage and security, with both new and pre-owned products available for your selection.

We believe that keeping our promises is important in maintaining the trust our customers and vendors have for us. Taking pride in our responsibility to deliver our very best, we make it our goal to give you consistent and high quality service delivery.

The Techdirect Experience







At Techdirect, we execute solutions that empower your existing networking framework to evolve with your ever-changing business needs and new technologies. Our comprehensive range of solutions and services will support all your networking, hardware and connectivity needs.

With many successful projects to our belts, we are one of the main domain experts in the region. From basic packing of switches to managing an entire project, we stand ready to deliver to the best we can. Our commitment resonates throughout our regional establishments, and is manifested in our consistent quality service delivery for all our projects,

Our excellent relationship with all our partners regionally fortifies our after-sales support. All products that pass through our hands will be quality assured, with your interest safeguarded.


Product Listing

Trust and Loyalty

Working alongside 18 renowned partners, Techdirect is the one stop platform to go to for networking equipment. We offer an exceptionally vast list of products – so you can solve all your networking needs, all under one roof.

Having successfully completed a myriad of projects all across the Asia Pacific Region, Techdirect enjoys recognition by many reputable industrial players .